Hey, I'm aware that the 2 channel dual rectifiers are older than the 3 channel, but is there anything better about them? Or is the 3 channel the way to go?

not much difference. If I were to do it again, I'd go with the two channel. Just because I rarely use the crunch. It's nice to have though I suppose?
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yeah...sometimes you are gonna want to use different sounds for different songs.....or at least i do
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I played a Single Recto at GC the other day with a Les Paul Standard. DAMN was that distortion TIGHT. So clear, I loved it. The cleans were utter **** though.
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^ye the 2 channels ones sound better. i dont think they make them anymore so you gotta find a used one
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Well either that or a Mesa Single..

Personally.. I believe what people say about the 2 channel being mega better.. Not only that but it's a lower wattage so it's not so ****ing loud...

I prefer lower wattage to be honest.. 50 watts tube is enough to drown out a drummer but enough to crank to high volumes

If you ever need more volume then you can mic it up.