what is the difference (if there is one)?
and if there is can i use string cleaner on a fretboard?
Well, the difference is that string cleaner is made to clean the dirt and grime that get on your strings while fretboard cleaner is meant to clean the dirt and grime that gets on your fretboard.

I wouldn't recommend using a string on a fretboard as it can potentially dry it out and damage it. I'd recommend something like this, which contains guitar polish, string cleaner, and fretboard conditioner: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Luthiers-Choice-3Pack-Cleaner?sku=420163
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Is it okay if you use like a moist paper towel(moistened with water) on your fretboard?(sorry to hi-jack your thread)
unfortunately, water doesn't get on with timber.
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ive never used a string cleaner, just take a towel and wipe off strings. fretboard conditioner is great tho
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