over the years, my band has always done our recording with our computers, we have always gone digital. We have been using a program called Audicity, but, that program isnt that great. It's fine when your just starting out and just doing demos, but we are moving on now. We need to start getting better quality and stuff. Anybody have some suggestions for recording software?

Idk exactly which each does but Iv'e heard good from Sony Acid and Cakewalk
I use Cakewalk. Its good if you are experienced and know what you are doing, as it has many features.
Sometimes the features run themsleves and complicated things like setting up MIDI don't work...
Cakewalk and Acid both cost money.

Reaper is a completely free program, and I've been using it for a bit, and its better than Acid imo.

If you're gonna pay for software you should consider Protools M Powered. I'm quite sure its around the same price as Cakewalk/Acid, but its by Protools, the little brother to the software that basically every professional recording studio uses.