Alright, first I'll give you my situation. My girlfriend and I are looking to travel to Europe for 8 days during October. We live in Ontario Canada, and I will only have my G2 license at the time of us going.

Now, my question is (likely only residents of Ontario will understand this) will I be able to drive in Europe with my G2 license, or do I need a full G? I am simply asking this because if I can, we will simply rent a van or something, and sleep in it rather than goign to hotel's etc.

thanks in advanced

I would also like to know, except with a U.S. license.

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Actually I've been sitting here searching there for the past 20 minutes, so I thought I'd ask UG :/


ah sorry then , your best hope would to go to a traveling agency I'd think.
you'll probably need a G I think i remember reading that in the driving manual.