how do i get this sound victer wootan uses at the very begining of this video it is kinda jazzy i dont like the way it sounds when he starts slapping but at the begining when he is just finger picking i like the way it sounds is he just cuttung the highs alot? there has to be something else

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That's straight up Jaco bridge pickup tone. You can get pretty much that exact tone by soloing your bridge pickup and playing above it. EQ it to taste, but if your bass is active, roll off some of the highs (but not too too much). The bridge pickup is 9/10ths of that tone; EQ it to how you want it afterwards.

Also, on your amp, don't go crazy cutting or boosting. Your settings should be +/- 4.5dB tops.
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no-one ever will sound like wooten, but you could always try to come close... it's also his bass and picking technique...