A while ago there was a HUGE storm in toronto. so after this huge storm, my pedalboard started acting funny. ill break it down for you.
the rig was somthing like this;
SG-->crybaby 535Q wah-->Danelectro FAB distortion-->Behringer TO800-->Arion Tubulator-->Traynor 40 watt tube combo
\_(FX loop)-->arion chorus-->arion delay(FX loop)/
all of these pedals were powered by one 1spot Power adapter.
and for a time all was well. but then after the storm, ALL 3 of my distoritons/overdrives acted funny.

behringer: the problem with this one as that no sound would come out of it.

Arion Tubulator: the problem with this one was that it wouldnt turn on.

MY beloved Danelectro FAB Distortion. almost no sound can be heard through this. also, it will turn on, but cannot be turned off.

On top of all this, my 1spot is dead.
so, I will need to be doing a little damage control here with my battered board.

So, im 90% sure that it was the power supply that killed off 1/2 my pedals.

But, at least i replaced the behringer overdrive with a nice new Ibanez TS7 tubescreamer which is a great pedal.

So, my question is this;
I am going to be needing a new power supply and My board will get bigger with more pedals later on. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get another 1spot (I still have the daisy chans for it and it worked well while it worked) but i would hate to lose any more pedals in the same manor as before.

OR I was hoping you could recommend other power supplies that you have used and if they have survived power failiures/surges.

It was probably some lightning or sumtin that struck your house's lightning grounder antenna thing, and a high voltage of electricity just went through your pedals. U will need a surge protector coming from your outlet to the 1spot adapter. also, plug stuff out when there's a storm... that goes to every electronics stuff. it does damage that stuff.
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Get another onespot and buy a surge protector! They're really cheap, give you more outlets, and stop things like that from happening again. I personally love my onespot, but it's plugged into a surge protector, so it's never been damaged. Good luck!
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ok thanks so where should i get one of those and how much would it be?
Yep, sounds like a power spike. You're lucky a couple of pedals are all that fried. You should invest in a surge protector before you spend more money on pedals. One Spots rock, but make sure you're not pulling more than 1700mA with all your pedals or you will have problems.
yep. i def wasnt using 1700ma. i think that when i get the surge protector and another 1spot I will get another 1spot after my board gets bigger, just to be on the safe side.
the wierd thing was that it was plugged into a power bar when it fried. i dont know specificly whether or not it was a surge protector though. would it specify if it was a surge protector?
I use the Gator G Bus 8 power supply. Supplies the same power amount as the 1Spot and is compact and can power 8 pedals with no problems and it's only $80. Unplug your amp and power supply during future storms as well, just in case.
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