Baby, just the sight of you could turn a gay man straight
And baby, with just one kiss you could stop a war (of this im sure)
Baby, if everyone looked at you there'd be no more hate
I said baby, you could give a blind man back his sight (aint that right)


I hope you know

how much

i like you

Baby, every time i leave, you leave me wanting more (just one more kiss)
And baby, you had better lock that door, or i wont go home
Yea baby, when i aint with you i dont feel right (all day and all night)
Baby, every time i say hi i never wanna say goodbye (you get me so high)


Baby, they should put your face on the money cause then id save more
Yea, no one would be poor no more
i think its kinda cliche, and the first line, if your going for a serious song, has got to go
lol, it is sorta funny. . cute to. anyways, it wasn't that bad, nice work.
"That's right kids, I said penis"
98% of teens have been around or have had alcohol. Put this in your sig if you like bagels.