Finally out of school again...
What have you got planned for the 2 weeks off people from New Zealand?? (school aged people)
Getting a break from the Devil known as "NCEA".
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yeah AUS has holidays too. Ive been off since last friday . Umm im not doing much, just chillin with mates, driving my car around and playin some bass.
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thank you zackR .
have fun with some mates, pray that it snows down here in Christchurch.
yeah we just got out today in vic too. no idea wat i will do all holidays and my gf is in qld. ****en yea
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oh great man god, pray tell: how do I become as cold and emotionless as you?!
Fucking work.
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Im gonna hang out with my friends and stuff, anyone here from Auckland?

Whangarei here,
That transformers movie looks alright but seems a bit nerdy/cheesy after seeing a cartoon episode of it.