Alright, so... I realize this should probably going in the EG forum, but I seem to get much better responses here.

So I currently have a Standard MIM Chrome Blue Fender Strat, shown here:

Sorry for the big picture. So, I'm relatively happy with this guitar, however, there's a few things that I think could be better. Namely the pickups and tuning stability. I'm trying to figure out if I should upgrade this one- (probably Stephen's Design or CorduroyEW's pickups, and then some Schaller locking tuners, would changing the bridge make any difference?) or should I just get a new guitar? This new guitar would also be a strat, either a MIA, MIJ, or one of the higher quality MIMs (like the classic players strats). One of the main reasons for wanting to get a complete new one is that I've been GAS-ing really bad for a white or sunburst strat, and then it would also have better pups (than the stock MIM ones, but not as good as the ones I would put in it) and better tuning stability too.

So, any thoughts? Budget isn't really a big issue here, I've been working a lot and have around $2000, but I'm trying not to spend too much of it. I'd be looking for a MIJ on ebay, would probably buy the high-end MIM new (haven't seen many of them used), and would look used for a MIA. I'm going to a small local shop tomorrow hopefully, and report back if I find anything interesting (they usually have some nice used gear there).

Finally, sorry for the long post.
With a budget that big, I think it would be more worth the money to work with what you got. I'd go for new pickups, and heck get all the electronics changed while you're at it, even though they got some alright stock electronics. get locking tuners, and maybe a Fender Hot rod drop top bridge if you don't use your tremolo too much. Graphtech saddles, Lube your nut with Graphite. If looks are that important, buy a new body off warmoth, you can also get a cooler heel that way.
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^You mean like the pots and stuff? I didn't realize that made that much of a difference, haha. I'd like to use my tremolo some, but right now it doesn't stay in tune even after a little play. (It currently has 5 springs on it, and the claw is screwed rather far into the body) Would replacing the tuners fix this?