I'm following my beginner's guitar book, and I'm at the point where it is teaching me some basic Barre Chords. Such as the E and A-Based Barre Chords to be specific. One thing that isn't very clear to me about Barre chords is, are they basically another way of playing an open position chord?

For instance, really basic major chords, such as A major and D major, I've learned how to play them in open position, near the nut. Can I play these same chords with a Barre Chord? The book has an explanation on what Barre Chords are and what they do, but it just isn't very clear to me, and this is what I have come up with. So are Barre Chords in a nutshell, basically another method of playing the same Chords?

Thanks a lot guys, I'm a total newb at the guitar, and trying really hard to become good!
yea, barre chords are no different than open chords, except for the fact that they allow you to play the same chords without using open strings. what i mean to say is, both barre chords and the chords you already know have the same notes... but barre chords allow you to move away from the basic positions.
its the same chord, just better sounding
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if you look at it...

the A major chord's


e|0 - e
B|2 - c#
G|2 - a
D|2 - e
A|0 - a

of you take the bar chord

e|5 - a
B|5 - e
G|6 - c#
D|7 - a
A|7 - e
E|5 - a

see how its the same notes? (1, 3, 5 of the A major scale)

you can do that with all open chords as long as you start the bar on the same root note

d major

e|2 - f#
B|3 - d
G|2 - a
D|0 - d

e|5 - a
B|7 - f#
G|7 - d
D|7 - a
A|5 - d


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Oh, thanks a bunch guys, that cleared a lot of stuff up for me. Yeah, I figured that's what Barre Chords were, but just wanted to make sure. I guess another cool thing about them is that you only have to remember one finger shape for a number of different chords, yes?

And also, how common are Barre Chords? When players learn Barre Chords, do they completely abandon open chords they learned in the first place? So I'm wondering if after learning Barre Chords, that the traditional open chords become useless or not. Thanks guys!!

-SnoDog ( the UG newb )
open chords sound way better to me...just more sustain and clarity
i tend to use them as much as i can

but you can't go from the 5th fret a string major bar to an open Em chord...that just wouldn't sound that good


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No, you won't be abandoning open chords. Some chords can't be played open, like F# and B.
if you understand the fretboard of the guitar its pretty easy
here are some tips
-12 frets above = 1 octave
-you can play a scale wiht bar chords by just moving the hand position across the fretboard
A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# and so on
^^(order of notes as you play the bar chorsds)
They aren't always the same chords as people are saying. Pitches for each degree of the triad can be swapped around and will make the chords sound different. If anyone thinks that C in open position and a C barre chord have the same pitches for each degree, they need their ears checked.
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