this is only the second time i wrote any lyrics and im not too good, it probaly took me 10 minutes to do this.
my inspiration was this,

i was watching the news and i realize how fixated we are on the celebs and i dont think its right and i think its sick.

any who its not done yet so..

diamond studded alerts across the screen.
eyes fixed upon her.
like drones we consume it.
every ones talking every one cares.

i dont give a ****!
the news is a movie!

lives leave this realm but a star is free.
the star shines its poison rays.
feel it eat away.
outshine the day.
eyes focusing.
watch her.

we need more we need more!
i dont give a ****!

the news is a movie...

thats all ive thought of for now.
(I'm not gay)
yeh not bad really it needs a lot of work but its pretty catching i think its alright i would rat it about an 6 out of 10 just have a read through it and have a look at other peolpes songs and see how they have constructed theres. other than that good work.

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