Okay, I remember there was a time when I really disliked the strat, because of all the copy-cat models I had been used to (when I was first learning) But now I really want one.

Im thinking of buying the classic player 50's strat and I just simply wanted peoples opinions on them.

Few questions:

Is there any other similar models for the same price? (im in the UK so £360-380)

And is their much of a huge difference between the 50's and 60's players strat? (I know they have different necks, but im not sure what makes them different)

The main reason I chose the 50's over the 60s TBH is the maple neck, I prefer maple to rosewood.

Any opinions/suggestions is appreciated, tah!
I havea recent thread about buying the 50's classic, i'll link you.


You cant get a maple fingerboard on a 60's, and I believe they have different pups, headstock and a 3 ply pickguard.

You could save an extra £60 for a highway one, but IMO it's not worth it.

There's a large chance I'll be getting one, so i'll review it on the UG reviews.
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Try one out in a shop, better than just asking for reviews.

And for that price, you won't get a better strat (meaning it's good...)
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