I've been playing guitar for a little over 3 years, self taught. I'm looking for an already made band needing a guitarist, particularly rhythm guitar but I'm willing to learn for lead. I'm also looking for other musicians in case there aren't any bands that need me so if you sing/play drums/play bass/play guitar and live around central/northern illinois let me know. I live about 45min south, south east of Chicago, about an hour north, north west of Champaign, specifically I live very close to Joliet. I'm 21 years old, going to a local community college but quite dedicated to music so let me know if someone's interested. Oh and I'm looking for some people around my age as well, nothing too extreme like if you're 13 then you're a bit too young or if you're 30 you're a bit too old but if you fall in that category we can still discuss. Musical tastes include but not limited to: Weezer, Chevelle, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Incubus, 311, 3 Doors Down, Nonpoint, Nirvana, and the list goes on and on, those are just a few off the top of my head but I enjoy many many other bands too.
If you play bass I have an opening for you. But as for a guitarist I can't help ya man.
Well I've played bass, I can do simple things like three days grace and walking bass but I'm definitely not "good" at bass, you'd probably have to be pretty desperate to need me as a bass player, I can play with my fingers but I prefer pick even :p