Anyone know how these handle for metal?
I need really high gains for Pantera and Black Label Society, to Lamb Of God and Arch Enemy.

I also need a good thrash tone, for Megadeth, Testament, Slayer etc.

Also , I need a good tone for Blues/Classic rock.

Anyone know? I havent tried one but since its vavle i figured an OD pedal of a booster of some sort would get the extra gain?

Also, are they loud enough for a medium sized gig?

Open to suggestions of other amps too, thanks folks.
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It won't do that metal stuff, but it'll do lighter stuff ok.

The thing is though, these amps sometimes sound fizzy.
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How about ENGL? I'm getting the ENGL Screamer combo, and it can do pretty much everything and the cleans are also pretty damn nice. And you won't need any OD pedals with it. The footswictch is pretty important, but it's pricey. Great amp.