i recently bought a schecter C-1 hellraiser w/ floyd rose. i love the guitar and i was trying to do dive bombs on it - that's why i got the floyd rose, and the sound went out at about halfway down. i cant go all the way down on the FR. when i get about halfway the sound is gone. how can i fix this? do i need to just loosen the tension of the strings?
What do you mean "the sound is gone?"

Are the pickups too close to the strings?
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You dropped the tension so far that it couldn't make any noise. That's how it works bud. Get thicker strings if you want it to last longer.
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that'll work. i like 'em thicker anyway!!

That's what she said.
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get more springs, too!

but actually, that's just part of a FR. can't really do anything about it.
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not too close to the pickups. the tension of the strings is so loose when i go halfway down on the FR that they dont make any sound. i've never had a guitar with a FR on it and i just assumed you could go all the way down on the FR after seeing so many guitarists beat the hell out of them
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That's what she said.

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