With a vintage fender style tremolo is it possible to do dives down a whole octave? I can't with mine, but eddie van halen does on eruption. Before you tell me that EVH used a floyd rose, he recorded eruption with the original black and white frankenstrat which had a vintage fender tremolo. I have also read somewhere that he did the dives by manipulation of his echoplex controls, but i don't know whether this is true.
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well you can set it up to be a floatiing bridge, but i dont think it can do a whole octave
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Eddie had to hold his finger on the strings behind the nut loike a locking nut before the Floyd was invented. God Bless him
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take off the back cover of your strat and loosen the springs and slightly loosen the screws in the front of the trem. I did that to my strat and can do massive divebombs with it (of course with it going massively out of tune as well)

Also I don't think Eddie actually divebombs a whole octave in Eruption