Hi all,

I good few weeks ago i found in our seller an Eros Mark II electric guitar and would like to know a little more about it! We have no idea know where it came from! A friend told me it was made around 1968. It is a Les Paul style and all works perfectly!

I was just wanted to know a little more about it, is it any good? How much is it worth? etc.!

I have an EROS Les Paul copy and it's actually quite a nice guitar, intonation's good, keeps its tuning etc. The EROS name was covered by a chrome plate with the engraving ''Custom RJ Clifton on it. Anyone have any knowledge of this?

I've got an Eros LP too. I bought it second hand in 1985 (when I was 13), it was 'vintage' then and it's been with me ever since. So I'm guessing it's at least 40years old now. I paid £50 for it.

It's Les Paul custom copy in black with bindings front and back and mother of pearl inlays from the first fret onwards, as with the real deal. Scratch plate and rhythm / lead disc are missing.

Can't tell you too much about the brand as there seems to be very little information out there about them and I've been searching for years to find out more. It has a bolt-on neck and the back plate reads made in Japan and carries the serial number 1034702, so not much help in dating it there. The Eros logo on the head-stock is a metal plate.

What I can tell you is that they're single coil pups in humbucker clothing, not real humbuckers, or at least the ones in mine were. I replaced them with a set of Iron Gears with a 'Jimmy Page' wiring loom a few years back and it sounded sweet. That kit has now moved to my Epi Les Paul standard and I've just fitted P90s to the Eros and it chimes nicely.

The neck is very thin compared to the Epiphone, but plays well (although it could do with re-fretting) 25years of me abusing it has taken its' toll. That'll have to be my next job on it.

With so little information on Eros available, it's difficult to value them, but I did see one similar to mine, but without the custom inlays, advertised in a vintage guitar shop somewhere in Sussex a couple of years back at £450. To be honest though, I'm never selling mine, it's my oldest possession.

Thanks for the response. I've never checked under the cover plates to see whether it has humbuckers or not, I have always assumed they are because the Eros is much louder and more inclined to feedback than for instance my Strat. It is definitely more Gibson in character and sound. I live in East London, South Africa btw, and I bought the Eros from a visiting missionary I know little more about it, I only found out it is an Eros when I removed a chrome plate + saw the name.

Do you paly in bands and where are you situated..........Don