I want to buy an electric guitar, though I have a very low budget to work with. Now I wonder which one of these three, reviewed at: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/brand/Alba would fit me better.

I prefer to play more modern rock, though some semi-classic is fine too. Not really into metal, but I might be playing some of the harder rock.

Some sounds I like are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xjJXT0C0X4

Now I know I won't get the exact sound with such cheap guitars (and different amps etc.), but I would like to know which one would fit these styles better.

What is your exact budget?

For starting on a low budget, try a Dean Evo XM. Quite cheap, and an average guitar.
I'd get the LP, but maybe you should save longer and get something better?
My budget is around 200 euros Ofcourse I could save up some money, but you can't get a job here in Belgium until you're 16 and if I save up my allowance, I'll still have to wait for a long time.
It'd be great to start practising now too, I've got loads of free time.

I'll check out the Dean Evo XM reviews. Though the design isn't really my taste :/ But yeah, Quality > Design
Forgot to mention. The 200 euros does include amp etc., so the guitar should stay in the €100 range, 'cause I'll need a decent amp too.
You could try used or 2nd hand I guess. You can get good stuff for cheap 2nd hand.

Regarding amps, try to look for a Vox DA5 or a Roland Microcube. They are small but will offer you plenty of tones to try out.
Yeah, I already had the Microcube in mind.

Second-hand did seem a good idea, but I'd kind of rather buy a new one, had some bad experiences with buying used stuff previously.
second hand is the way to go unless you are rich. just make sure you have a lot of good clear photos to judge the condition of what you are buying. all my equipment is second hand and i've saved hundreds of pounds
Would it be easy/possible to buy the Alba Stratocaster and then change the PU's to H/S/H ?
I would probably just save up. I don't think going with some unknown cheap brand is ideal if you want to start playing guitar. With 300 euros, you can get much better stuff to start playing guitar and make the learning process much easier.
Well, I did hear some good reviews about the brand..

I don't know, I might go save up.. but I am really enthusiastic about getting a guitar now, I don't think I can wait for like a year, I'm way too impatient