I currently own a Maverick F1 guitar and play it through a Marshall MG Series 50 DFX (that's just copied form the booklet, I'm not sure if that's it's proper name?).

I love both my guitar and amp but I can't seem to get a bluesy tone ala Hendrix, Clapton, BB King, etc. I like to play classic rock, funk rock, some metal and blues but the only tone I can't get is blues.

Can anyone suggest a good blues pedal to buy? One they have experience with and know how good it is. I was looking at the Marshall Bluesbreaker II pedal and the Boss Bluesdriver, but I haven't played either. Any help?

(Alternatively, could anyone help me with the settings on my amp if they have any experience with this amp?)
Sorry to break it to you but... you will be much better off selling the MG nad buying a VOX valvetronix / Roland Cube or an Epi VJ... Really.

EDIT: Or a Blues Junior.
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Save the pedal money.
Sell your amp.
Buy a Blues Junior.

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You need a valve amp for those tones. Unfortunately, the amp you have isn't very good, and for blues you specifically need a cranked valve amp. You won't pull a proper blues tone out of a Marshall MG.
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You could buy an overdrive and use your neck pickup...but the overdrive wouldn't do anything really, and you'd just get a thin tone