hey guys. this may seem like a noob question but it is a frequently occuring one, so here goes: i listen to thrash,death,technical death,trance and good 'ol regular metal and i was wondering how to hear the bass and the specific notes hit in the songs i listen to. ive tried the basics: pulling my hair back and getting real close to the speakers,cleaning my ears,and adjusting the equalizer in itunes ad wmp. are my ears just messsed up from over exposure to loud noises or does it come with experience?
get a decent sound system and crank the bass up!
thats what i do
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Well for one I loathe the amounts of sub genres that metal claims to have. Secondly you will not here bass in most metal songs because of to reasons; i) Distorted guitars cover up so much bass it's not even funny. ii) A lot of metal bass is distorted and therefore you will be hard pressed to distinguish it from the guitars.
Basically, you can turn up the EQ on the bass and sometimes that helps, but you just have to develop it. Before I played bass, I barely knew what a bass sounded like, but now I can hear it clearly in most songs. Although, in thrash metal, it can be hard to hear anything in detail. The basslines are usually quite good, you just can't hear it...
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Chances are you ARE hearing the bass, ever hear a metal band without a bass player, it sounds very thin.
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It takes practice, and knowing what the bass sounds like, but it's still pretty much impossible to hear in some songs.
I find it's better not to turn up the bass, but to turn it actually right down and listen for a little while. Then, turn it up full and you should be able to hear it clearly.
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i hear the bass at 95% of the times, no matter what... its just an ear-training issue for most people...
you shouldn't get closer to the speaker, that is for sure, u gotoa stay a distance away. And you can turn up the bass but then u just get the rumble NOT THE NOTES you have to train yoursel to listen for it, but in many metal songs the bass is turned down for some stupid ****ed reason. so yea
you need some kind of subwoofer to hear it well
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I don't play bass, but my sister does so she points out the bass parts to me if I can't hear them. Most of the time though, I can hear the bass parts just fine, you just have to ignore the vocals and guitars the first time you're trying to hear it and every time you listen to that song again, you'll totally hear the bass along with the guitars and vocals.
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I actually feel it's easier to feel the bass if you know what I mean, or I'm just going crazy.

Definately. But also physically, I'll have a song playing and I can be at the other end of the house - the bass will be the last thing I can hear before it all fades off. I feel that the more music you listen to that prominantly features bass [such as jazz et funk], you'll begin to find it easier to distinguish bass in other genres where it may be more difficult.

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It takes practice, and knowing what the bass sounds like, but it's still pretty much impossible to hear in some songs.

So to do that, take all the bass off, listen and then put it back on, or just turn the bass way up and take the treble off.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Definitely get a subwoofer hooked up to your stereo, then crank the bass on your EQ. The sub will play almost exclusively the bass, which makes it easy to pick up the bassline.
well if you have an ipod go to eq in the settings and select bass booster, there's stuff like that on cd players too, but besides that ignore the guitars, that's what I do when I can't hear the bass
i hate tehse sub catories metal has
**** is ****, lol
but nah, you probs cant hear it cause the abssest is **** and just playing the same as the rythm guitar ( as in most metal bands) or you just have a **** soundsystem
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Plug your computer into your bass amp and it'll be a lot easier to hear.

how would i do that?
well u should start by listening to old korn becuase new stuff jsut sucks and fieldy plays slap bass so its really good for hearing espeacially in live videos like the one that came with the greatest hits so listen to that then get into the harder stuff
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how would i do that?

I'd imagine it'd be easy with a standard cable and an adapter. In fact, now I want to try it.
Chances are you ARE hearing the bass, ever hear a metal band without a bass player, it sounds very thin.

got any examples?

i had to train myself to distinguish the bass from the guitars, but now its easier.
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I can hear the bass most of the time (unless it is really buried in there). I think it's just a matter of getting your ears accustomed to it.
Listen to Dream Theater, its very easy to distinguish their bass from the guitar. Then move to more homogenated music. With practice, you'll be able to pick out the bass from the band no problem.
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one of the thing we must all hate

bands turning down bass players

its a thing bands do to, but that YOU should aviod

and to help, like most people are saying hear, kind of train you listening
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I'd imagine it'd be easy with a standard cable and an adapter. In fact, now I want to try it.


Buying a new sound system definitely helps. I bought some Dell speakers with a subwoofer and I can hear the bass without turning it up. Also get Guitar Pro and learn the bassline and how it goes then go back to the song to hear it. I did this with a couple songs and can pick up how the bassline goes now.
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ya i bought some 60 watt logitech speakers with a subwoofer for my computer and now the bass is easy to find.

If i'm trying to figure out the bass line i just turn the subwoofer up and the other speakers down and it just shoots the bass right at me.... and the bass drum which sometimes in metal music can make it difficult to hear the bassline even then. Crazy awesome double bass drum!
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I used to be unable to hear the bass parts too
it was because of my crappy desktop speakers.

I got a new set, including subwoofers, and now everything sounds complete.

It's more of a rumble, if you get what I mean
The music the threadstarter listens to characteristically have the bass very low down in the mix. Also it does depend on how you listen to your music. Crappy iPod earphones aren't going to replicate bass frequencies very well.