hello again guys!

i just wanted to put a quick post up asking for crit/comments on my bands new song "falsities" on our myspace.


it was all recorded and mixed in my home set up(we did the drums in a friends studio dry room), so obviously i wasnt aiming to get near a pro production, but any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated on both the song itself and the recording!

cheers, Sheepy
ps. i just fixed the media player, i noticed it wasnt showing up the songs, should work fine now!

sounds pretty cool. some things here you don't hear every day, kinda refreshing. not my kinda thing, but its pretty cool none-the-less. good recording too.
this sounds cool, it has a really epic sound to it
the sound and production sounds pretty good
awesome riffing around 40 seconds - the guitar playing is top notch - that high keyboard line is a little cheesy though, still there's something I like about it. it reminds me of carouselambra a bit
the vocals are really high quality also.
overall i really like this song - it has great energy and sound, the musicianship is all around really good, and its a really cool song.

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thanks a lot for the replies so far! i like your piece! reminded me a little of duran duran! good synth riffing if a little wierd!

any more crit/comments/questions?
Nice sound quality...The riffs and everything sound cool...not sure about some of the keyboard parts though...maybe a different keyboard/syth sound would make the keyboards blend better and not stick out so much.

Overall nice job though...as for the song as a whole production it sounded great...the singing was pretty good as well.
Yeah very good, I am just listening on laptop speakers, when i get a chance to listen this on another system I will let you know more.. But I really like this!
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