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I want to buy me a guitar soonish and probably even start taking lessons. *However!* I'm in a band (I do the synths at the mo) and at first I want to record simple stuff (e.g. powerchords) when the others are not in the studio (aka my living room). We work in drop C and sometimes open C though and we want the chuggachugs to go LOW.

So will this cause any problems with my learning? For example, if I buy my first guitar and tell them to set it in drop C, can I still learn standard chords with that? Of course, every string will differ 2 halftones and the lowest one even more. So fret positions will not be the same at all. Perhaps there are books with fret positions with alternate tunings? Then there is the question of learning songs of course, will this be any more difficult... I can already figure out (simple) riffs by myself on the synth (interval training), but then you have more complex stuff (hammer ons etc) and chords...

Also, will a (good) teacher actually tolerate this? Or should I say "frag it" and learn the classic standard tuning way? Constantly changing the tuning is probably not what somebody would want either (especialy not if I end up with a tremolo abled guitar).
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um, its not THAT bad, drop c-ing it when you need to. havnt really read the post, but, only one string is affected in dropC, you'll be ok with reglar chords, though it may be a stretch at times but thats life. with thought/experience/googling a fretboard diagram, you'll soon discover ways of working around it and such

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just for the record. hammer-ons = EASY

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
oooooh, reading this thread, (Frenchyfungus' post) it would seen i havent a clue what i'm talking about, dropC affects all the strings, but all(but one) of them equally, so chords would sound fine, but be 2 frets too low (forgetting about low E)

i'll shut up now...
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Thanks, I guess I should mute the lowest or use it as 6th, 7ths etc. Ok, then I only want to know this (short version this time):

I want to play in Drop C. Will this be a problem with finding a teacher?
Most teachers play in standard. I think you should learn your basics first in standard tuning then when you're comfortable with your guitar, you can tune down to drop C. Learning incorrectly will hinder you greatly. Learning correctly then changing it up is much easier.
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