i was wondering what pick thicknesses are good for certain types of playing.for example, whats good for picking fast?
personal preferance.

I like my fingernail the most (for everything.) But when I must use a pick for some reason I prefer Jazz IIIs
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I use Dunlop Jazz III's personally for electrics. I use Dunlop nylon picks for acoustic.
Usually for cleans or super slow blues I use my fingers. But thats only sometimes.

For everything else I use green dunlop sharp tortex.. I think .88mm? Anyways pimpin picks.
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i like the thicker picks.. i use Dunlop Gator Grips... 1.14 mm... and i play rock, alternative and punk rock... some heavy stuff..
dunlop big stubbies FTW!
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This is one of those things, just like strings, that really doesn't matter and it all comes down to your own preference. just buy a big bag of assorted picks of all different sizes and thickness' and use whatever you prefer