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This is a song i wrote for the UG Theory comp. so will be recording it in the next week or so. So most of it resolves to mixolydian for the somp

its primarily instrumental but there is plenty of room for vox. theres a fairly long solo and an acoustic interlude with a lead over the top. ill probably change riff 5 to something different as it is a bit boring but thats it for now. i could maybe do a lead over the second riff aswell but i cant think of anything decent for it.

IGNORE THE DRUMS as they are just for keeping time when i was playing along with it. i will do them tomorrow. so basically check it out and tell me what you think. especially on the solo front. is it interesting enough?


Edit: i know i posted this before but i changed it up a little and rearranged it a bit. and deleted the last thread
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Well....Riffs 1 and 2 were good but nothing that special.
But I liked Riff 3, it was may need some more stuff maybe, add some basslines over there and such.
I liked the first solo....I think it would need a bit more of melody in the scale parts...but it is okay.
I liked the sweep section, maybe it could use a little more variation on the timing, etc...cause it gets kind of boring after a while.
Measure 81 from the solo (and so on) were pretty good....and 97 too, I liked it.
At 105 it doesn't flow very well.....maybe get rid of the acoustic chord or make it a little bit smoother.
I liked the acoustic part.....and the solo too....but some slides don't sound that good in GP.
Add more variation to the riffs too....and then it would be set I think

Mind critting another one of mine' (one of the last 2 if you can )
Thanks man

anyhoo, i dunno where to put this acoustic bit. riff4 sounds better when it comes in straight after the solo but i dont think the acoustic bit fit right at the end but heres a version with it at the end i would obviously make it fade out better later.

So any suggestions on how to arrange this would be nice. also bear in mind i will be changing riff 5 to something completely different as it is to samey
hmmm i swear you have posted 3 versions of this. Whats happened? compared to your other work this material is weak.
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yeah i posted just the riffs, then i posted a basic solo then deleted both those and did this. sorry dude . and meh its only for the theory comp it doesnt have to be amazing lol

Edit: any information on why you find it so 'weak' so i can make it less so.
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New Harmonised Riff 5 i just need to find a way to bridge into the acoustic bit better. so first post updated
the bits i found weak, was the qaulity of the material, compared to the sands of time, the riffs didnt have that impact and catchiness like. i found myself skipping parts of the song til i found something that sounded cool, im not really a man for repetition, hope that helped man.
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yeah thanks man. its just i would plan to have vocals over the top of the repeating parts at the start ideally. but i could always cut out the repeat of them at the stat but that means the solo would come really early in the song, but i suppose i could pass it off as an instrumental then thanks anyways man.

Edit: First post edited with shorter rearranged version
had to be done as i changed some stuff, ie taking out the repeats at the start and switched a few riffs about at the end, also no one seems to be listening so w/e im sorry lol

here would you ever get your ass into the theory comp you know way more than i do. its a bit of craic like.
Quote by ch715dallat
here would you ever get your ass into the theory comp you know way more than i do. its a bit of craic like.

No decent recording gear = Epic fail on my part
theres people that enter it with alot worse than you have its not the recording quality its the use of the scales
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theres people that enter it with alot worse than you have its not the recording quality its the use of the scales

Sticking to scales ftl!

Is it just using myxolydian, or can i bust out some of my Lydian Sharp 2 jams i've got?
its basically just mixolydian as in you can use the respective scales ie A Minor - C mixo etc, but you get more points for keeping close to the original scale or phrasing it to sound like that mode or whatever. thats where i fail , as mixo is supposed to be good for blues or rock or whatever and i cracked this out give it a lash anyways man, sure you should have heard my entry for phrygian line into stock soundcard from my cube, pure guff like .
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meh its only for the theory comp it doesnt have to be amazing lol

Oh yes it does!

And by the way this is in no way mixolydian. It uses the same notes as in the mixolydian scale but it doesn't resolve to the mixolydian. At All.

The root of the mixolydian is two fret below the the root of the minor scale. which all your riffs are based around. They should be based around the note two frets lower then that.

A sure way of getting a riff is "based around" the mixolydian is to have it start and end on the mixolydian root note. Make sure the bass

I can't see a way your gonna adapt your song so I'd start over again....
Still record this song if you want, just your gonna need a new one for the theory comp.
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ok ill still record this, looks like ill be starting over and the next one will be better

that sucks lol, it didnt take long anyways. ill have another done at the end of tomorrow i may head down the classic rock route tho or it could end up blues. who knows
ok yes i do realise im very stupid now, for calling dorian mode mixolydian for all my feckin time playing guitar. everything i said in my posts up until now substitute the word mixolydian for dorian
**** off martin you gay know it all

i think its back to the drawing board for theory i clearly dont know enough. **** that ill jump out of this comp and go in the next one. anyways i got 2 songs on the go that im doing now so ill do them instead of making some guff attemp at mixo

Anyways everyone else forget about the scales crap, is this any good or worth recording?
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well actually i did piano for 7 years but i was young and hadnt a clue i just played what was put in front ofme
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Don't pressure me!

I'm thinking about it, actually i'm not, i'll be going on holiday in two days and won't have enough time to compose & record anything for it
Hey it won't stop people critting. If you've critted theirs already, there not gonna go

"oh no, some other guys are talkin off topic *boycotts thread*"

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^ like you've not done that to any of mine

yeah but im talking to you in them your talkin to sam

and yeah i know sam im only messin man

This thread is starting to get WEIRD!!...Like...WTF are you people talking about?!

Well,your song reminds me of some Japanese weird'o game soundtrack!!...Don't take it wrong...It's,ahhh...interesting!

Well crit mine if you feel like it...It's on my sig!

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get away from me you homesexual lol

Dude,was that for me?!?!...
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I'm funny

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Dude,was that for me?!?!...

woops didnt see you there lol nope. anyhoo what you mean a weido game soundtrack? it wasnt really the style i was goin for tbh

any suggestions for improvement or bits you didnt like?

ill get to yours now

Edit: ignore the rest of the thread, im not even sure if i know whats goin on now
lol ok...

'Bout the song...It's just the way it sounded to me...Probably 'cause of the Rhythm and maybe too much high notes all over the song...

Like for example bars 122 to 129 really sound that come off of a Game Soundtrack...

Thanks for the crit on mine btw...

(I hate my song's Intro too...It's really random...Me and my friend just thought that it needed an Intro...and that was the first thing that came up!... )

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I'm funny

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no problem, it doesnt sound so videogamey on real guitar (i hope ) so when i get it recorded youll see
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