For free, I mean. I've tried torrenting it, but there aren't enough seeds. I found an archive of all the files you need, but it's in 20+ parts on rapidshare, and I can't be bothered with the wait time between downloads for that many parts.

Any other ideas, aside from going and buying it myself?
how about buying it?

it doesnt even cost that much. you're probably paying more in bandwidth to download it than you are to buy it.
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Quote by GeneralGrim
aside from going and buying it myself?

And besides, I don't actually pay for the bandwidth, my parents do.
I don't have any money, and the time it would take me to get a job, i'd have this longass download already done.
just ****ing buy it....you are on UG, which means you probably play guitar...which means you aren't a ****ing hobo, which means you will be able to get $10.

It's Worth It!

ARRRRGH!!! and anyway the torrent would limit it so you couldnt build, i know i tried it! ARRRGH!!

trust me, im an idiot !

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well, if you want it for free you are either going to:
Finish the long ass download
Buy it
Steal it (not advisable!)
Figure it out, either wait or pay!