Only joking! Basically, Ive about a budget of EUR600(£400,$800) and Im looking for something versatile to play everything from blues to indie to metal. Im currenly using an Epi SG with a Zoom G2.1u and a laney VC30, but ill be getting an Ibanez TS9 in the not too distant future anyway. I actually like the feel of the SG so something not too dissimilar would be ideal. Also, dont recommend schecters, I cant get them where I live...(Cork)Any help would be mucho appreciated...


EDIT: Also, I was looking at an Ibanez S470 and it looks pretty sweet but the FR kinda put me off. Is it really alot of bother?
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Hey u should try looking at Possibly something with an EMG 81 (bridge), and EMG 60 (Neck) the 81 should produce some of the best distortion, and the 60 is supposed to be really god for cleans. Tell me wat u think bro