come check out my band. You wont be disappointed. We are very comical, we are metal and punk. Sure we joke around and stuff, but we take it very seriously.

Anyway, show coming up:
Woodhull Sesquicentennial(150th)
Woodhull Park, Woodhull, IL
Thrusday, July 19th starting at 8:00PM - Opening Band - Home For A Hero
Middle Band - Graven-Suicide (my band)
Headling Band - 99 Souls

Its all free, so if you live near Woodhull, come check us out.

Heres some of our sites(we have quite a few..lol)
- http://www.myspace.com/gravensuicide
- http://www.audiostreet.net/gravensuicide
- http://gravensuicide.tripod.com (still under some work)

We are looking at getting a .com, but we are broke...lol

uhh get a drummer with rythm and then go out, get drunk, and get laid by some fat ass ugly chick and then you MIGHT sound better....
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong