So how long have u guys been playing Electric Guitar, how many hours a day do u practice.... how many hours do u advise for ppl to practice on a regular basis
until you feel like you accomplished something
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I have played both acoustic and electric guitar now for 9 years.. and I play like everyday some time, cant say any exact number of hours. but I have still MUCH to learn.

but a basic is to practice at least 15 minutes everyday, but ofcourse if you like it and so on you could possibly play more x'D but and NOtrab said: "until you feel like you accomplished something"
as many as you want. I have been playing for 5 years and I don't have a regular practice schedule. I keep my guitar where I can grab it whenever I get the urge. I reach for it anywhere from 1-20 times a day for varying lengths of time.
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yeah thats true, until you accomplish something. very true..hard to practice when my family is hone, cant crack up the amp! always gotta practice without it ooo well practice is practice, but its always a blast to get something right after u practiced it for so long.
I've been playing for almost 5 years. Generally, I practice on my acoustic alot more than my electric. I usually end up playing 2 hours a day (Not counting band practice.) I don't really have any set number of hours that I would advise you to practice. Just play as much as you want to. The more you practice, the better you'll get.
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play until you dont feel like playing anymore, if youre not enjoying what youre doing than theres no point in practicing just to practice and 'get good.' if youre forcing yourself to play youre not going to get any better. play until you dont feel like playing anymore, when the enjoyment is gone, stop.
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I've been playing 2 years now and I play pretty much when I feel like, I guess anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours or maybe under.
I've been playing for about 6 months now. I used to play about 5 hours everyday, for the first 3 months or so. Now I guess I play about 1-2 hours because of the heavy school work I was getting. But now that its the summertime, I am gonna start playing 6 hours a day baby!!
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getting close to 15 years.. when i started out.. i was practicing almost 4-6 hours a day..
nowadays i'll usually get in a hour or so a day.. and maybe up to 3 hours on my days off.. i miss those highschool days where i could just sit in my room for hours on end and jam out to my tapes.. yea man! back in my day you could go into HMV and buy tapes!
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ive been playing for 7 years, and im 15. i practice about 2 hrs a day on schools days but in summer time i usually bump it up to 8 hrs a day or til my fingers bleed, which is a good sign to stop, haha. i still manage to suck though... at least comparatively speaking. never had lessons, the instucters too often are dictators and technique freaks. i like to figure out my own styles of playing rather than being told.
I have been play for 5 years now, I practice every day from anywhere from 1 hour to 10-13 hours depending on what I am doing. I advise a few hours a day for anyone getting started.
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Quote by GMR5
I have been play for 5 years now, I practice every day from anywhere from 1 hour to 10-13 hours depending on what I am doing. I advise a few hours a day for anyone getting started.

You sir, are a beast. You must be friggin amazing at playing guitar.
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yeah i try to get in 4 hours a day if i can everyday, since its summer! all that can happen, only when college starts again kind of hard to get a decent practice in their.
i'm gunna start working for a half hour or so on picking exercises to improve my alternate picking, but i don't PRACTICE.

I play, whatever comes to mind or whatever i want to, whether that means stuff i have for my lesson or songs. See, if i go in there thinking it's practice, it's work, and when i work, i get lazy and hate it. So i don't practice, i play.
been playing about 4 years and practice most days about 20minutes but if im learning a song i want to get nailed, ..about 3 hours.
I've been playing electric guitar seriously since about January 2006. I usually practice anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours every day, it varies.