Hey guys,

I'm going to GC soon, and my gear is at it's all time high, but I need some new effects.

So tell me, UG, what are your opinions on your favorite, most needed, neccesary, or coolest effects?

I don't mean specific pedals, but like delay, compression, distortion.

Here's the deal:

NO OD/Distortion, I have enough.
No tremolo or reverb, amp covers it.
I have a wah for now, but it's a dynamic wah, I'm lookin into a real wah...

So what do you think...I'm thinking sustain...but idk...

theres so many...

Lastly, nothing above 200$...for one effect pedal I refuse to pay more than 200 dollers.

Thanks a bunch.
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Zoom makes pretty good effects pedals, and they're not too expensive. I got a B2 with expression pedal for 130 bucks and it has almost everything.

My personal favorite effects are chorrus and flanger. If you want to use some stranger stuff, there's a step-type effect that's cool for intros and outros, and mono-pitch bending when you're feeling wierd.
chorus - small clone
delay - ehx DMM if its the right price (no idea about the price there) or a simple ibanez AD9
compressor - dyna/super comp

thats all i know that you can find at GC
phase 90's are really nice. you can leave it on 24/7 at a slow speed and it adds an ethereal sound to things. and even a really fast warble can be used for something. good for making an already good sound more spatial.
i played on a friends evh phase 90 and really liked the sound of the script button pushed, more transparent than a normal non-evh, non-script model. great for glean and heavy distortion, it was just nice.
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delay is my fav but its hard to find a real nice one under 200 new. dont remember the price but if you dont need long delay times the new analogman delay is really nice.
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can't get the DMM for 200 just so you know

i'd get a small clone and..a real wah (ultimate wah thread)


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i say phaser is the coolest effect ever. so if you can grab a phaser, a compressor (you wanted sustain) and a wah you should be set. mxr phase 90, mxr dyna or super comp, and then check the wah thread. thats what i suggest anyway.
phaser and chorus and flanger are the best especially when you use them with delay and play some high notes. wah is also awesome.
Why not try a digitech whammy or add a phaser of sorts into your rig.
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