i came up with this tonight, largely a random train of thought. it sounds a bit weird and eastern european or something at the beginning, ill probably modify it soon depending on feedback, might try and fit in another solo too if possible
jaunty metal piece.zip
I think the drums need to be a little bit more driving, not that they arent, but just like a simple bass snare bass snare with some crash cymbals. Usually simplicity makes a song sound good.
To be honest.. i think this song was to darn generic and did show much creativity. bar 38+ has been use way to much in music and its getting rather repetitive.

The tapping was decent although still rather cliche (sp)

My favourite would of ahve to of been bars 55+//
That riff was rather rad and the lead mixed it rather well..

good job on the drums aswell.

Please crit mine too? it needs it :P
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