Hey I just got a bass with active pick ups, its the EBD 400 Ibanez and I was wondering something. Is there anything wrong with putting the bass into the passive jack in my amp? Will it do any damage? I was just thinking about this because the bass seems louder in the passive jack.
What amp do you have? I've never heard of active and passive jacks. I've only heard of active/passive switches and buttons that change the sensitivity.
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I just got the SR500 from Ibanez w/ active pickups. I'd imagine that it wouldnt do any damage to anything, but i keep mine in the low input. Do whatever sounds better.
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Its just a laney combo amp with two inputs, one being passive the other being active.
All the active input does is lower the volume a little bit.
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should be fine... unless the electronics in that jack aren't made to support the extra signal.

But being Laney i'd expect their stuff to be of good quality so i'd imagine you're just fine either way.
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the switch normally cuts the input power by 6db to keep the signal from overdriving the amp. if the speaker crackles or breaks-up, while your playing in the passive input, then speaker damage could occur. your really bypassing a feature designed to protect your amp. procede with caution.
Why not use the active input and turn the volume or gain up a bit more?
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I just got the SR500 from Ibanez w/ active pickups. I'd imagine that it wouldnt do any damage to anything, but i keep mine in the low input. Do whatever sounds better.

I'm pretty sure the SR500 has Bartolini MK1s, which are passive with an active preamp

It won't hurt your amp at all for normal playing by the way. You may want to watch at high volumes though. Also, check to see if the input is permanently padded, specifically for this cause. Check the decibel rating on the padding, too.
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I have an Ampeg with passive and active jacks, and I play my active through the passive jack for the same reason. The active jack is only there in the rare case that your bass' signal is too strong for your amp. If you hear a real bad electronic-buzz when you play, than use the active jack.
see ive got a Ibanez sr505 and an fender amp wit both an active and a passive input and it works fine in either one