i've been playing for about 6-7 months now and im currently using a squier p-bass with ernie ball hybrid sliky strings. im thinking about changing my bass guitar once i reach the one year mark. what would you guys recommend for me? im interested in getting in a bright sounding tone like mark hoppus but i dont think i will be able to get his signature cause of the price and its rareness over here. im thinking maybe a fender? any suggestions? i would appreciate it if you told me what string,pickups, and amp settings as well. my budget is around 400 us. thanks again.
Uhh.. Im pretty sure the Hoppus sig is a p bass, so... a Fender standard p bass? I mean step it up if you have the cash, but if your a little low, then the Standard p.
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his signature bass is a jazz bass with p bass pickups

edit:check out ebay for fender p basses or jazz basses. i think the jazz basses have a brighter tone.
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sorry.. forgot to state.. i play fast songs at the moment ( blink-182 , new found glory) will getting a jazz bass affect anything? i heard its pretty heavy.
It's got a thinner neck so you might be able to play a little faster. Precision basses are pretty much the quintessential punk bass so I'd get a standard Fender p-bass.
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If you can get another $100 together, I'd say get a Deluxe P-bass. You get the jazz/p-pickup combo that the Mark Hoppus bass has, and it's also active, and has the thin jazz neck.

I know it seems a little biased because I recomend it a lot and have one myself, but it really is an awesome bass
deluve p-bass? i like the sound of that. i will take a look when i go bass hunting.. thanks
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i recommend those.....depends what kinda sound youre after and stuff...
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He has a Squier and the Schecter, Spector, Warwick and Epiphone aren't going to sound anything like the sound he wants.
i posted alot of them......he can get that sound out of a jazz bass or the fender deluxe special with ease.......... the others was if he was willing to look for something different...