Im looking for a good pedal that will sound good with my Boss Overdrive pedal
I have a Dean V Metalman if that helps at all thanks
A new overdrive. Boss doesn't do it too well.

Or seriously, Boss Reverb. Reverb always helps.
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good as in wired simultaniously with the distortion or just another effect pedal?

delays and chorus are my fav effects, but when you add too much effects to bass the signal gets too muddy and watered down.

a compressor of some sort would help with distortion though
i would go for a boss GEB-7 equalizer, or an MXR 10 band equalizer.......you cann really really shape your sound the way you want to, with the boss overdrive or other pedals........

plus, you can boost the volume like crazy....and its something that when you have, you wont want to turn off...
I'd go for a Chorus, a Compressor, or the Jim Dunlop Mxr EQ.
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