Sad part is... I have no idea what its called.

Im going to try and describe the song but it might be aggrivating and annoying

Like the main riff starts with what sounds like a 4 sequence of HO/PO's in the E/A 4-6th fret range then you get one strong note then it sounds like it does the same thing with a little bit added in. After that it sounds like a few quick slides into around the 9th fret and has some strong high notes. (very distorted)

That whole sequence is about 10 seconds long. Then the chorus is just a few chords played very sharply and very strongly, i think stoccato (sp?).

Im sorry if this is very confusing.

If this is any help I heard it on Jackass at like 9:30 EST during the shopping cart skit, in case anyone else was watching it.

Thanks in Advance
Completely forget that request. I figured it out.

96 quite bitter beings, cky. Youtube is a friend :P