i want to talk about Folklore because i come from québec in canada and the folklore is a style of music that i like and i think all the québécois know these song.

And the 24 june we have celebrate the st-jean and it was a big party for me !at the st-jean there a party and there just this kind of music .

so i just want to know who know this kind of music , if he like or dont like

too i want know who come from the québec !
I was in Ottawa for the st-jean, it sucked...I missed EVERYTHING, like mega projet and Plaine d'abraham. Next year I'm going in Quebec for sure!!

Anyway, i don't really listen to folklore but a couple of yea ago I used to hate bands like Mes Aieux, i like it more now. Like the Cowboys Fringants (is it folklore??) i used to hate them but now I like them
This kind of music is great for Christmas, makes drunk people want to dance :P