Hey, i was considering buying some of Joes music cuz hes awesome. :P What r some of his better albums?
I like The Extremist
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ask around here:

Satch Thread

btw, Strange Beautiful Music
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They're all amazing and they all have their own gems, but I think The Extremist is a good starter because it has good production (which albums like Surfing do not show), varying styles of songwriting and playing (the neccessary Satch surf song=Summer, blues=Extremist, New Blues, emotional ballad=Cryin', happy melodic=Rubinas Blue Sky Happiness, Friends, acoustic= tears in the rain, blue sky, etc...), and is perfectly long/short enough, I think it's juts a very professionally done album, even if other better songs are on his many other records.
All the ones already mentioned are excellent.
satriani live, but then you'd be disappointed when you got the studio CDs.
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i like satriani live! i suggest maybe getting his anthology album
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Satch thread yo.
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