well i was ridding in the car with my CFH guitar and my combo amp in the back

and outa nowhere i hear a thunk

the amp landed striaght unto my guitar...just a few strachs but nothing broke

but my DEAN went striaght from a D tuning and Drop down to a C

now when i try to tune my Dean to an E..at that point the floyed rose bridge is floating just a bit..
not like crazy its almost about a quater of an inch

is that bad or is there a way to adjust.. it to get the bridge right on point?
invest in a hard case ASAP too. that sucks if your guitar is messed up.
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i tighted the term-locks at the headstock..the ones that lock the strings

i broke two of them =/ are they replaceable?
Spend your money on a summer school english class instead. I about died laughing just reading your post... oppionions? Onions?? Hahahahahahaha
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what's a strach? it it a scratched strat?

work on your english, and adjust your springs.
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A pawn shop near me was selling like 20 cases for 10 each. Listen to Fender_punk and drive down to your local pawn shop. :]