you mean a template? if thats it just search up (type of guitar)-template or blueprints would work if you can find a way to blow them up to scale.
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Wow, those are really expensive. I was going to make this guitar so I could have a decent guitar for cheap because my dad has free poplar
I guess that depends on your definition of expensive - someone will have put a lot of time into creating a template so you don't have to spend weeks working on the shape of your guitar, just to be disappointed at the end...
You can buy some paper templates for $10
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If I thought it was that simple, I'd draw around my telecaster and send you a scan of the result! The benefit you are really going to get from a template is where to route and drill the holes, so your bridge is mounted in the right place, and your pickups are in line.

If you can buy a template for $10 I think you'd be mad not to - it's bound to save you a whole lot of time.
yeah, that sounds like the ticket.

Got a link to these $10 templates?
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