Shes like Barney Fife. She calls you on phone for the slightest imfarction of the most insignificant rule.

Her arms continue to jiggle for miniutes after she stops moving them. They are filled with so much liquid flab they have a tide. You could surf on them,on the waves.

It should be known I dont dislike her because when she walks she pivots from foot to foot because she is too fat to take strides. I dislike her because she is like she is.
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Your gayer than me, and thats pretty gay.
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****in fat people!!! They should all just die! how dare they be fat!!!

I think her gross fat is a symptom of an inner disease. I further think that this is a factor in contributing to her being overzealous in her job as park manager. To be as fat as she is you have to eat in an unresponsible way,to say the least.

She cant even run her own life ,Ill be dammed if shell run mine.