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Night Time Dream

The sun goes by and the moon will stay.
as night comes around and the day goes away.
Rippled waves of notion heard through the chirps of crickets at night.
Wolves howl, roosters sleep, and owls and bats fly by no light.
Mystery glows with imperfection, but is perfect within that sense.
Fireflies flicker sonnets to claim lovers, in woe of reminiscence.
All fail but not all surrender, self hypnotic suggestions remain.
Some try to mate again, though their efforts just yield the same.
The moles underneath the warm ripe ground shiver with delight.
The earthworms know the morning fate but at least they have tonight.
Nightshroud blossoms flowers, to let bees have their way.
Day is coming to court the night, the dew will be their bouquet.
Blissful feelings of pleasure may flee, as the night will fall astray
But as long as they go hand in hand, the memories will stay.

And the Stars They Played

And the stars they played their most wonderous piece....

Frightened of another tomorrow.
So I said to him...

"Can you hear that song of tonights final dance?"

And I laid there with a rose clasped in my hands.
The fallen angels cried their silent tears.
And so I said to him....

"Can you hear that song? Death is almost here and it will not be long."

The smell of scented roses filled the air.
A calmness crept in to wash away our despair.
And I looked at him...

The moonlight on his face and the innocence surrounds him.

And they said this was my only chance.
A peace that can not compare.

I closed my eyes...

Then the heavens filled with sound.
And the world sighed with my final breathe.
They played for me their final song.

For eternity I will lay here.
A rose upon my chest.
Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you

Work and play they're never okay
To mix the way we do
Red makes more sense and doesn't sound like a frolic through a thesaurus.
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