Another part of my rock opera. They're actually two songs, but the whole theme is similar, and they're both fairly short anyways. C4C as usual.

Smile I

I told you I’d love you
But it was unrequited
Now I’ve got nowhere to run
And no place to hide

I want to grow wings
Fly away from you
Get away, GET AWAY from these things
And I’m so broke inside

You’d try to fly too
Try to catch after me
Leave with me
Leave these things

And whenever we get together
Silence melts us down
Our actions say whatever
But inside, we’re gonna drown

Sometimes I’d like to hold you
Tell you it’s all gonna be alright
But then I strike you
Leave you on the ground

I wish I’d never met you
I can tell you think it too
Pull you up and pin you down
We’re both wishing for the same thing

Everyone’s laughing
Everyone’s crying
Everyone’s screaming
Everyone’s trying to hide

I whisper my goodbyes
Kiss this world goodbye
Not gonna change my mind

And I cry
And I laugh
I laugh
And I smile.

Smile II

I screamed bona fide
and I kissed this life goodbye

I closed my eyes and wished the world good night
Thinking of the times and what they really meant

Was there anything worth the time
Or were they all just another stupid lie

I see them laughing
Crying, wailing, moaning

And I smile.