I'm roughly 64, and I play the kazoo. What type of music are we gonna play. Oh, by the way, what country are we playing in?
Im 38 and i play the accordion.

oh and theres a section called musician ads, you should really do this in there.

so, reported
are you trying to do one of those weird internet things

and i guess you dont want my real age, just my rough age, well i'm roughly between 10 and 20. and i play music. (what else did you think, halo?)

i'd do whatever you're trying to do, but my parental units hate non-classical music, like they dislike me playing guitar and i amp up about once a month. so you fail either way. my logic is flawless.

LOL if this is an internet thing, i can imagine you video conferencing at a gig
i have a 'white guitar'
hey, I play didgeridoo and ukulele and I live in Antarctica and I would love to join a death metal band in california...