Left Handed Ibanez RG1570 in Black. It’s in near perfect condition, and has never been gigged with, rarely leaving its hard case. I’ve had the guitar professionally set up, with two of the pickups replaced by Bill Lawrence L-500R. (Dimebag style) (Which are only available in the USA). However I still have the original pickups in the case, so you can switch back if you so wish. Also present in the case is a Bill Lawrence Q-Filter.

* Body: basswood
- Bridge/tremolo: Edge Pro(L)
- Fingerboard: rosewood
- 24 jumbo frets
- Pearl dot inlays
- Neck material: Wizard Prestige
* IBZ V7 (H) neck pu
IBZ S1 (S) mid pu
IBZ V8 (H) bridge pu

The Edge Pro is the perfect trem system for really hitting the harmonics, and it really does squeal. The Neck is thin and fast, a real shredders delight. The guitar sounds amazing through any amp, and suits a practically any style of play.

I have all the Allen Keys and Manual included, so you can adjust to your own preferences with ease.

Reason for selling is i really want to buy a Fender Strat, and frankly can't afford both.

I have no real idea of price as yet, but people have said between £390-450..

And Like That. He was Gone.

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FUK! I've just spent my money I'd been saving on some new pedals. I've always wanted a guitar with a locking tremolo.

If you havent sold it in a few weeks send me a message and we could probably sort something out!!!