Hey, I'm taking a trip this summer and am worried about bringing my guitar with me (I'm taking about 8 flights total in 2 months). I was looking at small, back-pack sized acoustic guitars at a store around here and thought something like that would be perfect. Can someone tell me a bit more about them if you have experience with them?
I have no idea what the model at the store was, this was a long time ago when I wasn't looking for one to purchase. I just want more information in general about them, any recommendations would be helpful
You should really hit the stores and try them. I personally haven't found one that has a good enough tone for my taste. I use a beater guitar when I travel.
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Beaters ftw. I have a classical beater that has great tone. I know a lot of people like the Taylor Babies, though I haven't heard much good about the Martin Backpackers. I dunno, though. I'm not fond of travel guitars. I vote that you just go pawning and get a beater (classicals are usually cheap in pawn shops).
a friend of mine basically travels for a living. he's always in a different part of the world every week. he bought a baby taylor (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Taylor-Baby-Taylor-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=514966) and the skb hardshell case for it when he first started this job. he takes that guitar everywhere he goes and now, after almost 4 years, the guitar is still in literally perfect condition. so i believe the guitar must be pretty high quality, and i've played it and i really enjoyed playing it. it doesn't sound like a full-bodied dreadnought or anything, but for what it is, it sounds pretty darn good, imo! i'd recommend checking one out if you get the chance!