I shouldn't see why not. Go into a store and ask or check one out.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Yeah you can.. On the very right theres a little part that comes out to fit longer pedals...

Perfect for your wah..
it can only be in the front of everything else though
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Well you can always plug into one of the pedals and have its output go round to the input of the wah...
i have one of those pedal boards i keep for fast setup situations. i put the wah on the far right and used a sharp knife to cut it in tight. remove the bracket on the far right. lay the wah in positions and trace around it with a pen. then cut it out with a sharp knife. you can still even fit the tuner in the tuner place if you need too.
the boss pedal board works awsome in fast setup situations like a 5 band show where you have 15 minutes total band setup time. it takes me a whole 5 minutes total setup time for my whole rig with the boss setup. one chord in one chord out.
i think you can actually gut the part in the boss pedalboard to make it a bigger floor to lay out your pedals.