oh did someone say *********....cos i ****ing certainly did oh wait no my amp ****ing certainly did

so like i was home one day and their was this box like sitting in my room with my name on it....so what the hell i might as well open the mofo

interesting, i dont remember ordering any marshall's

bah if i hadnt taken photo's then maybe i would know what amp it is

wow this does get truly gay after a while

cmon now this is just a load of crap

hey now we are certainly getting somewhere

atleast i know what brand the amp is...i hope

hey whats those letters. give me an E, give me a N, give me a G, give me a L and what do you get...

..you get *********

cab will follow next week and hopefully clips should follow the week after, probably after i get it retubed.

now for how i got the amp well basically i saw it on ebay and i though **** thats one hell of a cheap buy with the starting bid at $1000 so i waited a few days and only the last day the price was only $1325 so i thought well heres my time to shine and in the last minute i placed my max. bid, so i was in lead in the last few seconds then i got sniped and lost by an astonishing 25 bucks.

so i was a bit pissed so much that the neighbours could hear me swearing my head off buy hey i lost by 25 bucks of course anybody would be pissed. so yeah the next day was pretty regular and then i get home and log onto my account and hey what do you know there was a second chance offer for the fireball so naturally i accepted it and was well on my way of getting a new amp.

so like 3 weeks after all that the amp is here and all up i only paid $1750 and the amp new cost $2500 from billy hydes and that doesnt include the footswitch which mine came with for free
very nice.

go check your email.
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kool catch, even though i found the unnecessary pics to be annoying...
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kool catch, even though i found the unnecessary pics to be annoying...

me too, i dont even know why the **** i put them in there
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Nice score. Those pics really suck when you are using dial-up though.

sorry bout that, next time i buy stuff i'll use thumbnails oh wait i might as well just convert these into thumbnails

edit: nope i cant photobucket is being a f*cking bitch like usual so i will load these onto imageshack tomorrow and make them thumbnails
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**** you! each picture was agonising! lol!
Then I saw its beauty! Congrats man! its a grrreat amp!
Very nice!

Not as epic as my OCD thread though.
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If it helps, I liked the pointless pictures.

Congrats on the new ENGL.
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Sweet looks pretty nice. Any videos or audio files with it yet?
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Pointless pictures build up suspense, and congrats!
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Sweet looks pretty nice. Any videos or audio files with it yet?

nah man, cab should be arriving this week so i'll have a crank on saturday and get some clips down and they should be posted before i get it re-tubed
For a second I was scared and thought it was going to be an MG,
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For a second I was scared and thought it was going to be an MG,

Ditto, lol.
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