are there any sites where you can make flyers to promote local shows?

edit: well there is a site called. www.band-flyers.com and it has the right idea but i was looking for just a little bit more options.......im sooo terrible in photoshop and paint it would most likely keep people from coming to the show.
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draw it. photoshop it.

or Ill have a go, im not very busy at the moment.
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All of my bands stuff is done in photoshop but it probably could be done in paint.
well if you are ever looking for an experienced graphic designer for some artwork etc. then i can most certainly offer you my services, i'm a freelance designer i've been working on websites and personal artwork for around 2 years, i know photoshop like the back of my hand and i can offer you a good deal on various artwork to suit your needs.

feel free to add me to msn if you want to discuss further