Hey I saw a cool vid on metacafe about how to watch shows that I saw when I was a kid that arent on TV anymore. There wasnt every single one but most of them and you dont have to download them. It was cool watching some old Power Rangers, Donald Duck, Beast Wars, and stuff.

Heres the site if you feel like checking it out
Oh ya, thats cool. It was just fun watching a few of them so I thought Id put it on
well i clicked on alot of different ones and all of them just came up with a page of no links to any videos except for ONE,and i tried to watch a video from that one, and it never loaded...so that sux
and they don't have the best old tv shows and movies
and its not my computer
I think it ight be you computer, every single one ive tried has worked fine - spiderman, power rangers, robot chicken, etc
go to tvlinks.co.uk or something like that. if that doesn't work just google tvlinks