my genres are blues, classic rock, indie, alternative, rock, jazz, britpop and some santana sounds.
buget is around 400 dollars.
ss please.
not gigging with it, bedroom amp.

recommendations ?

SS or tube?

id say a vox ad30vt or ad15vt. it has really helped me when i started. lots of different settings you can play around with

Strat, V847a, OCDv3, Carbon Copy, DD-5, Flying Dragon, EL84 amp
I know you said SS, but look at the Fender Blues Jr, Pro Junior, Champ 600, and Crate V8/V16 Palomino.

If you're dead set on SS, I'd go for something like the Vox AD series.
^^ This man speaks the truth.

Another one is the Roland Cube, but that may be a little too metal for you. I have a link in my sig that says some stuff about both of those amps. The VOX Valvetronix is a great amp though, especially for your style of play.

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