Anyone here play any racquet sports?

There is a constant debate going round each of the 3 main university teams about which is the more difficult sport: Badminton, tennis or squash.

I play badminton and squash, and am of the opinion that fitness and skill-wise badminton is the more difficult sport.



I've played all 3 and would say Squash is the hardest.
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I've played all 3 and would say Squash is the hardest.


Squash owns though.
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Squash I, tennis is more endurance than skill i think and badminton is more skill than endurance, but squash would have to be harder
I play squash regularly, and most recently. I have played badminton quite recently, but not with any skill. It's been about 2 years since I last played tennis...

I think they're all about the same - they're all different disciplines within the racqueting world, and so they're all gonna be different.